Art in the Hall - November 2016 - Janice Johnson

Janice Johnson at the Unitarian Congregation in MississaugaJanice Johnson

"Life in a Puddle"
I can say I have lived a good life. Not always easy, but it seems to have worked out fine. I never thought of myself as a photgrapher. I was a daughter, sister, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother and a grandmother before the beauty of life struck me visually. I actually had a great camera sitting in a box for 6 years before a family tragedy sparked me to realise that the beauty of life could be short lived and that I needed to capture and share that beauty. My desire led me to some great online communities of photographers and artists that inspired me even more. Finding friends who shared my passion for photography was so uplifting and it encouraged me to continue. I think at this point, my lens truly opened up. My eyes began to see all the caring and nurturing that mother nature put unto our beautiful green Earth.  Photography really became a soothing and enjoying pastime in my life. I would schedule days to be "shooting" days and wander the great Ontario countryside and, as of late, the maritimes. Friends, family and colleagues provided me with continuing encouragement, as I developed my craft. I am happy to have grown with a following of wonderful people and I continue to find joy and peace through my photography.

My "Life in a Puddle" series developed from a fellow artist Claire Weissman Wilks, who loved the image of the lady of life, a likely gasoline spill in a puddle that appeared like a beautiful woman. She inspired me to look for more amazing puddle shots and I did. Prior to that moment, I was mostly shooting landscapes, but now my eyes also traveled downward. Life can show beauty at any angle, You just need to know where to look.

I hope you enjoy my collection and are able to share in the hidden beauty within.
Janice Johnson


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