Art in the Hall - February 2017 - Nettie (Annette) Seip

Nettie photography Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga
Nettie (Annette) Seip

Nettie (Annette) Seip is an award winning Mississauga based photographer.  After many years in the field of science, graduating with an MSc from McMaster, she turned her talents to photography and digital art.  Annette’s work has been widely exhibited in Mississauga and Toronto, including Britain Street Gallery, Queen Gallery, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Visual Arts Mississauga, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, CONTACT Photography Festival, The Gladstone Hotel, The Royal Ontario Museum, Cooper's Fine Art Gallery, Wychwood Barns, Steam Whistle Gallery, The Glass Factory, World Salon, Arts on the Credit, Port Credit Outdoor Art Show, VAM - Art in the Park, Oakville Art in the Park, The Wave Room, Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, Pazan Gallery, Shadowbox Gallery, iMAGEMAKER gallery, the Guilty Dog and Small Arms Building for Doors Open. 

R.M. Vaughan described Annette’s “Ice Diamond” in the Globe and Mail as …”a photograph so dappled with liquid light, it could be mistaken for a Mary Pratt painting.” Annette’s “Frozen Waterfall” dress designed with her “Icecicle” photograph printed on material was published in the Toronto Star for FAT.  More recent awards include Best Nature Photography, Best Creative Photography 2014-2015 Mississauga Camera Club, HM Award Photographic Society of America Competition, Best Emerging Artist for Touched by Fire 2013, HM Greater Toronto Camera Club Nature Category 2013, Honorable Mention for the Creative Community Award at the Mississauga Martys 2014.

Annette has volunteered as an event photographer for the Mississauga Arts Council, Meadowvale Theatre, Windmill Theatre, Gateway Centre for Youth, and Safecity Mississauga.


Art in the Hall - January 2017 - Nada Annan

Nada Annan Welcome to my World Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga
Nada Annan

Nada has been painting most of her life after graduating from college. She studied art at Beirut Academy of Fine Art in Lebanon.   Nada attended several workshops with well known Canadian artists since 1989.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Lebanon, England, Cyprus, United States (California) and Canada. She has been working as an art instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga since 2008 and has been representing Grumbacher (manufacturers of Grumbacher Art Supplies) at Michael’s for over six years.
She has been giving private lessons in art (using both oil and acrylics), for more than fifteen years and has been an active member of Mississauga Art Society since 2001, and its President for five years.

To purchase any of Nada’s paintings please email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call her at 905-607-2196.

If you would like to see more of Nada’s work, please visit her website:

Art in the Hall - December 2016 - Judy Makinson

Judy Makinson at the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga

Judy Makinson

Quilter/Fibre Artist

Judy has been quilting since she was in her early teens. While appreciating traditional quilting, Judy finds inspiration in classic artists, architecture, and generally what is around her, which enhance her experiments in a variety of fiber arts. Judy’s passion is playing with fabric and free motion stitching, where the use of variegated threads creates rich textures to enhance her designs. Judy loves what she does but sometimes wishes that she could turn off her “creative brain”, however she really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Art in the Hall - November 2016 - Janice Johnson

Janice Johnson at the Unitarian Congregation in MississaugaJanice Johnson

"Life in a Puddle"
I can say I have lived a good life. Not always easy, but it seems to have worked out fine. I never thought of myself as a photgrapher. I was a daughter, sister, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother and a grandmother before the beauty of life struck me visually. I actually had a great camera sitting in a box for 6 years before a family tragedy sparked me to realise that the beauty of life could be short lived and that I needed to capture and share that beauty. My desire led me to some great online communities of photographers and artists that inspired me even more. Finding friends who shared my passion for photography was so uplifting and it encouraged me to continue. I think at this point, my lens truly opened up. My eyes began to see all the caring and nurturing that mother nature put unto our beautiful green Earth.  Photography really became a soothing and enjoying pastime in my life. I would schedule days to be "shooting" days and wander the great Ontario countryside and, as of late, the maritimes. Friends, family and colleagues provided me with continuing encouragement, as I developed my craft. I am happy to have grown with a following of wonderful people and I continue to find joy and peace through my photography.

My "Life in a Puddle" series developed from a fellow artist Claire Weissman Wilks, who loved the image of the lady of life, a likely gasoline spill in a puddle that appeared like a beautiful woman. She inspired me to look for more amazing puddle shots and I did. Prior to that moment, I was mostly shooting landscapes, but now my eyes also traveled downward. Life can show beauty at any angle, You just need to know where to look.

I hope you enjoy my collection and are able to share in the hidden beauty within.
Janice Johnson

Art in the Hall - September 2016 - Patience Morrisey

Patiente Morrisey - Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga

Patience Morrisey

Patience Morrisey will be flying solo in this exhibition about the lives of the rare Chimney Swift Swallows nesting in the Old Oakville High School.  It is with great enthusiasm and interest that Pay has been inspired to create art about the natural environment.

Pastels and prints are from Pay’s sketches of the bird’s flight paths, feeding on insects, and diving into the tall chimneys of the old school next door to Pays residence on Reynolds Street in Oakville. Pay, a longtime member has been making art for all the years of UCSP/UCM.


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