For Youth

Ages 12 - 18

Youth ministry serves our UU faith through working to empower our youth. There are a variety of youth oriented programs and activities to choose from.


Regional Fall Gathering

This year's Regional Fall Gathering is a special joint event for youth from both Central and Eastern Regions. It is being hosted by the Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Toronto. Currently you must be 14 to attend, although there have been rumours of a Junior Youth component so we will keep you posted. Forms should be downloaded from the link below, filled out and emailed or given to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You will also need to register. Your advisors will be discussing transportation with you.

Fall Con

Hey there UCM, youth group here with some great things to tell you! November 15-17, 6 of the youth at-tended the Regional Fall Conference at the Neighbor-hood Unitarian Church. Oh boy did we have a blast, but don't worry it wasn't all play. The theme for this year's fall con was Theologicon, a world religions con-ference. As well, we the youth ask you to join us on Sunday, December 1, for the St. Nicolas Pancake Lunch. All donations go towards helping support other youth in our community. Pancakes made courtesy of the youth, a special visit from St. Nicolas himself, we promise lots of yummy fun. Now our signature way of signing off, the joke of the month (Christmas themed), what's the most popular wine at Christmas? ... Do I have to eat all my vegetables?
Michaela Smith-Loeters


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