Photo Tour

 This is a photo tour of of the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga:


The GreatHall and Entrance (outside view).  The south facing windows invite in the sun and connect the interior to the outside world.  Walking along the large pathway leads you from the parking lot past the gardens to fully accessible foyer, with cloak room.





The gardens are the result of the continuous labour of our members and volunteers.  The Greening Project has planted thousands of native plants, trees and shrubs.  The Great Hall has two sets of large walk-out doors to allow easy access to the inner courtyard, which is a beautiful space for garden parties and outdoor weddings.  




The Great Hall features wood and windows to create a natural, inviting space.  Consecutive circles of penant lights and potlights accentuate the high ceilings.  The four directions are marked with windows and inlayed pieced in the cherry wood circular floor.  




With staging on the East Wall, and other features including an audio-visual system with built in overhead projector and retractable screen,  grand piano and plenty of a moveable tables and chairs, create a space that can be used in a variety of ways: for services, sit down meals, yoga classes,and meetings.

The East Wall features the painting "The Four Seasons", a beautiful piece that reflects our commitment to respect the natural world.  The Great Hall itself, with passive solar heating and bio-water treatment, is a testiment to our commitment to the interdependent web of life.

There are several other buildings and features of the UCM site.  Driving along South Service Road, you will see our sign:





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